My name is Clark. I am a philosophy major. I grew up in San Bernardino California. I left Southern California in 1991 when I joined the Army at the age of twenty one. The next ten years of my life I spent running around the world in the service. I saw a lot of different countries and generally had a great time. Some of my interests include but are by no means limited to body weight exercise, Russian kettlebells, parkour, various martial arts, and reading. Mostly I like to read fantastic fiction and philosophy when I am not in school. Other topics I read about are related to physical training and autism. The topic I chose to write about for my area of research is parkour. This has been one of my interests for much longer than it has been popular. I want to learn more about this emerging sport and go beyond my cursory knowledge.


6 thoughts on “Introduction:clark.

  1. Great Blog post! I find it really interesting since you are into parkour. It’s something that I haven’t seen in person but I always enjoy seeing people do parkour on youtube. Parkour is something that I haven’t heard for a while. Keep doing research on it, I know you will do great.


  2. Hello Clark! your blog is awesome and wanted to tell you that I am also from southern California. Also it is impressive to know that you like philosophy because from what I have known not many people like or have a preference towards philosophy, why could that be? obviously that would be interesting to also know why philosophy doesn’t have a good amount of preference. In addition, your topic is very interesting, I have never heard about parkour but It would be fun to read about. Its something different…nice !


  3. I’ve already told you, but I think your interest in parkour is super badass. I’m really excited to see you what you write about it this semester, that is if you end up choosing to write about it. Also, what is a Russian kettlebell? It sounds like some the name of a liquor.


  4. Clark! It’s a pleasure to have you in my class. Thank you for your service, I’m glad that you enjoyed it!
    I saw your interest in parkour and it sparked old memories of watching my friend from high school who loved using the world as his play ground.
    I found this website on Parkour,
    it seems pretty interesting. Click on “Start Here” at the top of the page then scroll down a little bit and there should be a video about parkour. Seems pretty badass-the whole concept of parkour.
    And something else random- about autism. There’s this documentary called “Neurons to Nirvana” and it talks about Scientific Research about psychedelics back in the 1960’s. I watched it a while back ago and I don’t remember much, my memory isn’t so great. But it’s super interesting! It about how they experimented with certain drugs at controlled levels on different mental illnesses and therapy to try to find a cure. They were making incredible progress with they’re research until the government banned the use of it and use propaganda to make psychedelics look 100% dangerous inside and out. It’s something to look at maybe if your interested.
    Great post! Thanks


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