Myriad musings of topical generalities

Given the wide variety of sources available on my topic I had to do a little investigating. I found a good comprehensive article on parkour history at Parkour generations is based in England and provides one of the only recognized certifications for instructors. The article’s author was not available but it was posted in August of 2014.

This article is relevant to my inquiry because it provides a base of knowledge to work from. Reading the article answered some of my questions about the origins of the movements used.Specifically the core movements of the discipline and some of the reasons why they were adopted or how they developed. Furthermore the article has a wealth of material to pursue in my inquiry of this topic.

One of my main interests is types of training used and how this differs from popular gym style training. There seems to be more of a practical focus. This suits me because of the train as you fight mentality instilled in my by the army. What does train as “you fight mean”? Exactly what it sounds like. One is not just going out to the gym to lift weights or do cardio on a tread mill. Every exercise one does has a real world application above and beyond looking or feeling good.

The link below is David Bell talking about training. David Bell is one of the founders of parkour.

This link is Sabastien Foucan who is also the founder of freerunning as well as a co-founder of parkour.


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