Rejection of urbanity and freeflow fear facing.

My topic this week digs a little further into the philosophical roots of parkour as a discipline. Specifically I am looking at parkour’s use in self actuation and as a rejection of the soul stiffling urban environment. Riffing off Sebastion Foucan’s video I purloined from Youtube last week (thanks man!) I went online in the library and found a scholarly source discussing using parkour to face one’s fear.

Looking beyond the obvious situation of facing fear while attempting a flip or a big jump between buildings what it comes down to is personal experiences of fear during training even the smallest fear and how one approaches it. The fear is an obsticle just like a wall. Learn to bypass the obsticle and move on. By practicing this concept in your day to day life and training you become stronger. When I was sixteen I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite. The final approach up the dome is this intimidating slope. Yeah, sure there are cable hand rails and all but it is still a long slide if you lose your footing. My uncle told me if I faced that fear every other fear I faced afterwards would be smaller. That’s how it works.

As far as rejection of the urban environment goes consider how limiting such places are. The streets seem to say “YOU WILL WALK HERE”. What effect do suppose this has on your overall outlook on life?


4 thoughts on “Rejection of urbanity and freeflow fear facing.

  1. Super interesting! I love the question you ask at the end, it opens really broadens your options in terms of what direction you might end up taking this. It’s a bummer that you need a permit to hike Half Dome now, I tried to get one last summer but the line was way too long 😦


    1. Great blog I really liked how you went beyond the tricks and style of parkour. It is a mindset, you can apply that “no fear” outlook parkour gives you to how you view life. Before I read this I thought it was just an acrobatic sport but I really like how you relate it to how you should live life. I really enjoyed reading your blog!!


      1. Thank you! One of parkour founder’s David Bell likens parkour to a martial art. Were as martial arts are for fighting parkour is for flight. The fight or flight instinct is a very primal and key factor in human nature. Interesringly enough the core move set of parkour contains no flips. Flipping is part of the personal expression of the individual artist. Sources I have read say it comes down to choice….to flip or not to flip that is the question.


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