Roughest draft

Clark Evans
Eng 130

It was 2008 or so,I think when I first began my Parkour journey. I was recovering from a hernia operation. The hernia was spontaneous and unexplainable. My doctor said in all probability the hernia was congenital. Meaning that the damn thing could have popped out any time prior to when it did. There were literally a half a million times it could have manifested which would have been disastrous to say the least. Being a combat engineer in the army the hernia could have taken me down while throwing sandbags or during construction on any of the prefabricated bridges we used. These bridges have pieces requiring at least eight soldiers per to lift them into place. So Yeah, I dodged a bullet there. As it is the hernia just popped out one beautiful Saturday morning when I was walking into through my living room to my kitchen.
For the most part of my life I have been very active. I tended to train hard. This started in grade school with at least an hour of calisthenics after school. In high school I had weight class for three years. This was supplemented with martial arts training. I also spent days running around in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains climbing cliff faces and generally going places rabbits couldn’t even go. You know, for fun. Then I joined the army.  By now you should have a pretty good picture of my activity level. I train and I train for life. Which is to say I train to meet head on anything life throws at me.  Then I got a hernia for no clear reason other than because. I had to rethink my life while I was recovering. What sort of impact would this have on my training? Could I train at all?
I was bed ridden for two weeks and bordering on depressed.

France early to mid 90’s
David Bell and the Yamakasi
Movements learned from Bells father.
How Bells father learned them

Core movements
Bare minimum for parkour

Fear is an obsticle
Source/ video

Self expression
Your parkour is not any one else’s

How we interact
Source/ video.


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