When you read these collected works you are looking at a process in my growth as a writer. The end product of this work was something I never considered doing before. I set out to write a paper and arrived at something different. Something stronger. The amount of research that went into gave me more information than I knew what to do with. My solution was to include hyper text links interspersed throughout my project. The result was that I managed to pack a wealth of information into my project without writing a book.

The best of my writing for the semester comes out in my project. I considered each blog,every assignment as practice for the end result. In my project I summed up ideas that I had thought for a while and experienced the joy of having them confirmed by my  research. A representation of this is when I wrote “There is a certain rejection of the urban environment. There is a certain embracing of the urban environment. The mind changes. The way the city looks changes. Obstacles become avenues. Parkour challenges it’s practitioners to overcome obstacles both physical and mental in nature.” This statement is clear and eloquently expresses what happens in the mind as you learn parkour.

What you, my reader, should understand while viewing the final project is that it represents an ongoing inquiry. an exercise of personal development and discovery. My goals for the final project may have been a bit grandiose. I envisioned some sort of master key when I finished. What I ended with was more like what I wished I had when I first started my personal parkour practice years ago. If that is what I made, if that is the end result then I am happy.  Given more time and I would have video clips of me executing  all the movements mentioned in the project hyperlinked to the text descriptions. This proved to be an overly ambitious concept.

Curating my portfolio has taught me one thing in particular. I tend to not capitalize the beginning of sentences. This is the most common mistake I found. I really like WordPress and plan on learning how to use it more efficiently. As I mentioned this project has been full of discovery for me. Thank you.


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