Parkour Body, Mind, And Soul

Several years ago I suffered an injury that made me slow down and question the future of my physical capabilities as a human being. One morning I experienced a spontaneous manifestation of an inguinal hernia. The examining doctor determined that the condition was in all probability ┬áconginital. The condition could have occurred at any point […]

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Long distance running sets humans apart from animals

I did some editing on my proposal. Basically I went through looking for spelling errors and expanded on some of my claims about civilized human beings in the background. I hope to have the entire thing done by next week. Meanwhile I am going to leave you with some reading material and a video….ENJOY!

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Roughest draft

Clark Evans Eng 130 Parkour Introduction It was 2008 or so,I think when I first began my Parkour journey. I was recovering from a hernia operation. The hernia was spontaneous and unexplainable. My doctor said in all probability the hernia was congenital. Meaning that the damn thing could have popped out any time prior to […]

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I run in boots…

I worked on my introduction some more today as well as played with ideas of what I should add to my proposal. I made the intro a little more personal. included some background about how I found out about Parkour. If I am lucky I can find the video that set me on my own […]

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